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Creative Photography and Photo Editing courses                Suomeksi

I offer creative photography and photo editing courses for both private and corporate customers, as well as schools. Courses are designed for those, who want to get better results with a digital camera. The courses will be tailored according to your needs, e.g. basics of photography, lighting, selection and use of appropriate equipment (cameras, lenses, filters etc. ) for different circumstances and conditions. Advanced landscape photography techniques (panorama photography, extending dynamic range for high-contrast scenes with HDR photography, night photography and other long-exposure photography), or post-processing of nature photos with Lightroom and Photoshop can also be covered.

The courses are designed for those, who seek  more professional results from their digital camera. In the courses we concentrate on using the camera in a more professional and creative way. Technical specs of participants' different camera types will be examined and we will show how to use them in everyday photographic work and different lighting setups.


I have been teaching photography and photo editing as a freelance adult educator since 2000. The main elements have been photography and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

I have taught at the following institutions :

- The Institute of Communications Technology, Raahe (2000, 2001)

- Art days of Lestijokilaakso, Kannus (2001 – 2014,,

- Folk  Education Center, Kannus (2012-2014)

- Centria Reseach & Development, Ylivieska (2003 - 2004,

- Raudaskylä christian college, Ylivieska (2013-2017